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We’re a dynamic team of creatives people innovation & Digital transformation experts

We provide consultancy services to industry leaders, design, development and training. We work with you, not for you.

We provide wide range of Mobile, web & blockchain development services

We’ve strong work history with different business services


IT Consulting

With consultants experience in Mobile, Web and Blockchain development Code Experts is one of the leading consultancy company in the UK. Our experts can help you in developing your apps or training your staff.


Ethereum blockchain & Smart Contracts

We are the pioneer blockchain consulting company. We have expert consultants who can help you embrace the decentralisation. If you are planning to build a DAPP on Ethereum platform with the power of Smart Contracts we are here to help.


Umbrella Services for Contractors

We help contractors find new contracts and take all the hassle away from them involved in the paperwork. We also offer a variety of training to keep up with every changing IT industry.

App Development

Code Experts consultants can help you build Web and Mobile apps. We provide services in iOS, Android, Windows, React native and Web.

Recent Work

We’ve done lot’s of work, let’s check some from here
iOS & Blockchain

Muhammad Adnan Aftab

A Blockchain developer passionate about new technologies and how they work, Adnan is an advocate of decentralisation and believes that it’s the way to go. Before he became interested in Blockchain, Adnan has worked extensively on iOS.

iOS & UI Designer

Luca Silvestro

A professional iOS developer, Silvestro has extensive knowledge in the world of iOS application development. Having a passion for graphics designing, Luca makes it a point to add creativity to all the applications that he develops.

React Native & JS

Nimesh Gurung

A front-end developer with particular emphasis on React Native, Nimesh has worked as a software engineer at some renowned companies from Sky and Burberry, to Argos and British Gas.

React Native

Osama Abbasi

A Frontend developer with particular emphasis on React Native, Osama has worked as software engineer at some renowned companies like Sky and Discovery.


We’re a dynamic team of creatives people innovation & Digital transformation Expert.
Code Experts was founded by developers who are knowledgeable and experienced in many platforms from iOS, Android, Windows, Web and Ethereum Blockchain!

As people who love information technology and everything to do with it, we’d consider it an injustice if our solutions and services aren’t able to give you an idea of the affinity that we have for the world of development and IT consultancy. That’s exactly why our professionalism and expertise reflects through all of the solutions and services that we deliver to our clients allowing us to exceed expectations at every step of the way.

Our vision for Consultancy Service is to offer the best services to clients looking to innovate and solve unique problems, by providing them with world-class consultancy to develop fast, robust, maintainable and scalable products for web, mobile and Blockchain.

Our vision for Umbrella Service is to create a platform, where IT contractors can find help to secure new contracts with high efficiency and without going through the hassle of paperwork. Additionally, we have the vision to help them excel by arranging boot camps and high-value training.

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